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The Woman Cave

February 23, 2016
We’ve all heard of the elusive “Man Cave” and the things it entails: cigars, game tables, and too much leather. But what about us ladies? Do we get to have a space of our own (aside from our closets, of course!)? As someone who loves entertaining and having my ... READ MORE >

A Christmas Cocktail

December 21, 2012
There’s no better way to put your personal stamp on a party than a specialty cocktail. Of course have all the usual suspects on hand (wine, beer, champers, vodka, mixers, etc.), but serve this little number pre-made on beautiful trays and you’ll take your party to another lev... READ MORE >

James Bond Turns 50!

November 12, 2012
The British super spy James Bond looks pretty good for 50, don’t you think? While many theatergoers flocked to see the latest installment of the Bond films, Skyfall, this weekend, we thought we would revisit some of our favorite moments from this fabulous and timeless serie... READ MORE >

Owl About It

August 10, 2012
It may be cliché but we can’t help that we still have a weakness for owls. Perhaps it’s because they seem to be the perfect balance between sophisticated and whimsical that make them a favorite in the design world. Or maybe it’s those big round eyes that are ju... READ MORE >

A Slim Aarons Summer…

July 2, 2012
Why do these photographs by the legendary photographer Slim Aarons have us dreaming of a life lived decades ago? Maybe we dream of a time when men actually wore jackets for cocktails and women changed their outfits 3 times a day… Or maybe we just want to wear a bathing cap ... READ MORE >

Hillary Thomas Designs’ Holiday Gift Guide

December 16, 2011
‘Tis the season for shopping! If you’re looking for fab gifts for fashionable friends on your holiday shopping list, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the chic picks in Hillary Thomas Designs’ Holiday Gift Guide below for all the ideas you’ll need (and some you... READ MORE >

Spotlight On: George Briard Glassware

August 19, 2011
From time to time we carry George Briard vintage glassware at Chic Shop, including these eight vintage George Briard scroll glasses available now: Aren’t these retro low balls the most gorgeous things you’ve ever seen? (We can just see Don Draper or Roger Sterling sip... READ MORE >

Vintage Pilsner Glasses: Drinking Beer in Style!

July 12, 2011
Cheers to a chic drink! We have pilsner glasses in Chic Shop’s barware section, and now that we have some ourselves, we’re loving (read: obsessed with) drinking beer out of them! For those unfamiliar with different beer glass styles, Sam Adams has a humorous and helpful Beer ... READ MORE >

LA Confidential Showcases Our Vintage Barware!

June 27, 2011
Color us excited! Chic Shop continues to attract attention, and our vintage barware seems to be a press favorite. After being featured on COCOCOZY earlier this month, Hillary Thomas Designs’ vintage barware has made an appearance in none other than Los Angeles Confidential maga... READ MORE >

Chic Shop Vintage Barware Featured on COCOCOZY!

June 7, 2011
Hi friends! Did anyone see Chic Shop featured on COCOCOZY yesterday? We were thrilled when we saw it! COCOCOZY is a fab interior design and décor blog and a stylish shop. You know we LOVE vintage bar setups at Hillary Thomas Designs, so how neat is it that Coco did a whole post ... READ MORE >