Finials: The Final Touch

We think of finials as jewelry for your lamps. Just as an outfit looks unfinished without the perfect necklace or earrings, a lamp looks unfinished without a really CHIC  finial to top things off.

Since these crowning jewels are often overlooked by the design world—you may have noticed it’s hard to find a great finial while you’re out shopping—we’ve created a fresh collection of finials for decorating enthusiasts who agree that design is in the details.  We figured if we were frustrated that we couldn’t find fabulous finials, other people were too. We are even amazed at how this small design accessory has the power to not just update a lamp, but transform an entire room!

All photography Kristine Ambrose

We create our finials in small batch collections, so be sure to snatch them up from the Chic Shop before the supply runs out.

And, by the way, thanks to stylish design blog The Peak of Chic for being the FIRST blog to  feature Hillary and The Finial Touch last October; we were thrilled!

Photos: All rights reserved by Hillary Thomas Designs

2 Responses to “Finials: The Final Touch”

  1. Ed Sexton

    Hillary thanks so much for the very kind mention of Swank Lighting in the Lucky Mag interview. We were very excited to see that.
    Ed at Swank


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