Shopping the Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach

Hillary recently helped Marlien Rentmeester of Lucky magazine furnish Marlien’s new Cape-Cod-style home. (You may have seen some of it in the Jan/Feb issue of Lonny!) Believe it or not, together Hillary and Marlien hit the thrift stores on the Dixie Highway in Palm Beach and were able to find most of the home’s fabulously chic and comfortable new furnishings there. Need proof? Check out these fabulous finds:

Look at these feminine curves! This vintage sofa was snagged along the Dixie Highway, then recovered.

So was this striking chandelier, which completely makes the space and casts a beautiful pattern on the ceiling.

This armoire is another Dixie Highway treasure, which Hillary refinished with white paint.

But the Dixie Highway is pretty long—and has a lot of shops—so we wanted let you in on the six Dixie Highway stores Hillary holds closest to her heart:

  • Circa Who
  • Health & Company—check out their lamps!
  • Blue Moon Antiques
  • Shi & Erhard
  • C. Bell
  • Jay Millstein

Head over to Lonny to see more of this house and get Hillary’s tips on getting the best deal on the Dixie Highway! Or, just visit the CHIC SHOP to see Hillary’s curated collection of vintage chic items.

Photos by Patrick Cline via

4 Responses to “Shopping the Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach”

  1. Lynda

    Can’t wait to shop the Dixie Highway next time I’m in visiting family in Florida!

  2. Margaret @ Rummage Living

    I love that I live 15 mins away from these great stores- I found the ones you have listed here have GREAT stuff- I LOVE LOVE LOVE Circa Who- so cool. Frankly, I like my thrifting CHEAP, so check out the goodwill down there as you’ll find the same palm beach-y finds for way less.

    Happy Thrifting!

  3. Christina

    Hillary! Love this blog entry (I so miss FL!), and will make a point to stop by the shop soon. It’s so great to see your talent in full bloom!



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