Chic Shop Vintage Barware Featured on COCOCOZY!

Hi friends! Did anyone see Chic Shop featured on COCOCOZY yesterday? We were thrilled when we saw it! COCOCOZY is a fab interior design and décor blog and a stylish shop.

You know we LOVE vintage bar setups at Hillary Thomas Designs, so how neat is it that Coco did a whole post on Chic Shop and designing a vintage bar?! The summer entertaining season is nearly here, and we love that she has throwing a cocktail party as a definite on her to-do list.

Summer entertaining can be all the more fun with chic barware like a vintage glass pitcher, stylish ice buckets and one-of-a-kind glasses, so be sure to check out COCOCOZY’s post and Chic Shop barware.

Here’s a huge THANK YOU to Coco for featuring Chic Shop on her blog!

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