La Cienega: L.A.’s Designer Drive

La Cienega Boulevard is a designer drive here in Los Angeles. Although that isn’t news to most Angelenos, this is: the fabulous Lucas Studio and Harbinger are moving to La Cienega in early September. Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat of the studio and store are our good friends, and we’re excited to say they’ll even be carrying our finials at Harbinger!

A lovely shot of Harbinger.

Of course, La Cienega boasts an array of designer destinations, including Peter Dunham’s Hollywood at Home—a store offering unique vintage pieces (swoon!), handmade upholstery and furnishings, and other decorating accessories.

A mini-road trip down the Boulevard will reveal an abundance of noteworthy shops and showrooms: Hollyhock, Mecox Gardens, Todd Alexander, Kristen Buckingham, Paul Marra, Maison au Natural, and Pat McGraw, where Hillary just purchased a few fab items for a client!

You’ll find bright colors galore at Downtown, lovely lighting and furnishings at Dragonette, vintage treasures at Lucca Antiques, and dozens of additional shops devoted to art, antiques, fabrics, furniture, rugs and fixtures.

Ready to plan an L.A. design daytrip? You can find the locations of stores along the Boulevard on this La Cienega Design Quarter map. Enjoy!

Photos: 1 via; 2 via Apartment Therapy; 3; 4 via; 5 and 6 via; 7 via

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