Pickett’s Press: Stylish Stationery and So Much More…

Just like Custom Cool, another New York company also has us smitten: Pickett’s Press. It’s really no surprise Kate Pickett—owner of Pickett’s Press and friend of Hillary’s—enjoys design and pretty paper. She’s the daughter of an artist and has been penning thank-you notes for about as long as she can remember. As Kate’s website describes her story, “She quickly learned that the nicer the paper, the more fun to write!” More fun, indeed—her products are absolutely FABULOUS!

These monogrammed note cards are perfect for sending someone a personal message in the mail, and we’d love to always have chic memo paper nearby for quickly scribbling a to-do list.

Planning a party? Her invitations are fab, too.

But Pickett’s Press goes beyond beautiful stationery in its letterpress offerings. Imagine playing a card game with a personalized deck…

…setting down your drink on fab starfish coasters…

…and chilling beverages in a one-of-a-kind ice bucket.

We also LOVE these oh-so-chic trays, which can be used for all sorts of entertaining and decorating purposes.

So now the question is: What should you have letterpress printed first? XO

Images: Pickett’s Press

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