Organizing Your Drawers in Style

As the new year sets in, I’m inspired by what Florence Kennedy said, “Don’t agonize. Organize.”  I just adore stylish (and unique) organizing ideas (especially since I’m a TRIPLE Virgo!), and wanted to share a few of my faves for corralling unruly clutter in the drawers around your home.

You don’t have to use official drawer organizers to get items in order. Stylish vintage teacups add so much charm to this jewelry drawer!

J’adore love pretty labels, which will help you keep everything in its place. (And who doesn’t need a label for embellishments? Luv it!)

Before separating items into their own containers, be sure to line your drawers in fabulous paper!

It’s these little details that’ll make you smile every day when you’re reaching for something you need. I’d love to hear any unique organizing tips from you…please share!

XO – Hillary

Images: 1 via; 2 and 3 via Better Homes and Gardens

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