You Can Follow Hillary Thomas Designs on Pinterest!

We’re excited to say that we’ve joined the Pinterest bandwagon, and we’re having loads of fun pinning and sharing the furniture, accessories and rooms we LOVE!

Pinterest is such a fab concept that takes something as simple as a bulletin board and puts it in a digital context with a pretty layout for those of us who like things to be neat, orderly and aesthetically pleasing. Essentially, whenever you come across an image you adore, you can pin it on your “virtual pinboard” and come back to it later. What a great way to keep up with fabulous inspiration for interior design, fashion and wanderlust!

Not only can you make lots of different boards and categorize them as you wish, but you can also follow other people’s boards to keep up with what they’re pinning, too.

Already on Pinterest? Be sure to look at our boards, and we hope you’ll follow us!

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