My Dream Interior Design Projects

This might not come as a huge surprise, but if I could choose any interior design project in the world, my absolute dream project would be to redesign a classic, old country club like the Piping Rock Country Club in Locust Valley where I grew up—or a historic hotel, like the The Gasparilla Inn in Boca Grand, Florida; the The Greenbrier in West Virginia; or Coral Beach Club in Bermuda.

The Greenbrier

A girl can dream, right? I LOVE the idea of taking an old, historic place like these—which in their heyday were the gathering places of the chic, jet set crowd—and transforming it with collected, layered charm.

Just imagine…with chintz coming back, and fun, preppy florals on the rise, one print could be used all over the room! Mix fine antiques and vintage pieces with great classics and sleek, modern lines and fabulous contemporary art, and you have a stylishly updated country club or hotel that still has throwbacks to its time.

Yes, these are the daydreams of an L.A. interior designer who LOVES vintage chic style…. What have you been daydreaming about lately?

XO – Hillary

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2 Responses to “My Dream Interior Design Projects”

  1. diane

    What a lovely dream and I would love to use chintz in a job! My dream would be to design from the ground up one of those beautiful mountain homes we continue to see on HGTV with amazing views, fabulous materials and an unlimited budget….a girl can dream!


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