A Slim Aarons Summer…

Why do these photographs by the legendary photographer Slim Aarons have us dreaming of a life lived decades ago?

Maybe we dream of a time when men actually wore jackets for cocktails and women changed their outfits 3 times a day…

Or maybe we just want to wear a bathing cap so we don’t ruin our hair.

Perhaps we just need to pop the cork of pink champagne and wash away all our troubles!

All photographs Slim Aarons. These photos were found on a multiple number of sources.

These images seem to capture lives that seem so effortlessly stylish. We might not be able to turn back time but we can have a bit of that old style glamour when it comes to happy hour.  Vintage barware from Chic Shop will set the tone for a stylish evening with friends. You can visit our fun little shop at the Brentwood Town Green in Los Angeles or simply purchase online.


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