Gone to Pot

Whether you have a serious green thumb or just like to arrange flowers picked up at the farmer’s market, we think the idea of a special “potting room” is ultra chic. Not to mention a great excuse to decorate!

For serious gardeners a potting room is your happy place. You can grow your seeds, putter around and plant your little heart out.¬† It’s a spot where you can feel both industrious and leisurely at the same time.

Don’t have a spare room to dedicate to all your succulents and greenery? Thats okay! With some good counter space and a large sink the possibilities are endless. Just dedicating a portion of your kitchen or laundry room to your little indoor garden can be just as satisfying. ¬†Here’s some inspiration:

Bunny Williams

Garbo Interiors via Pinterest


This Old House


What would you plant in your potting room?

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