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You Don’t Have to Watch Dynasty to Have an Attitude

April 4, 2013
Introducing our newest “Dynasty” collection! If these finials don’t bring the drama to your lamp, we don’t know what will…... READ MORE >

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

February 6, 2013
Whether you love it or hate it Valentine’s day is just upon us. To make life a little easier we’ve put together a little gift guide for all those struggling to find a unique gift to give to their beau that isn’t a heart-shaped box of chocolate or bundle of borin... READ MORE >

Gift Guide Round-Up

December 10, 2012
What’s on top bloggers wish lists this holiday season? Finials and malachite bowls! We are beyond flattered that our little gems were included in these seriously stylish round ups.  Some of our favorite guides of the season include Katie Anderson and Meg Biram’s To a... READ MORE >

If This Finial Was a Person: Part 2

September 7, 2012
We had so much fun hearing some of the “finial look-a-likes” you came up with after Part 1 – that we just had to do a Part 2.  So here it is… the second installment of “If This Finial Was a Person”.  Enjoy!   Have a fabulous weekend! Xx ... READ MORE >

If This Finial Was a Person: Part 1

August 23, 2012
Here at Hillary Thomas Designs we believe that each of our finials has it’s own unique personality.  So much so that we thought it would be fun to ask “If this finial was a person who would it be?” Take a look at some of the “finial doppelgängers” ... READ MORE >

Finials: The Final Touch

May 24, 2011
We think of finials as jewelry for your lamps. Just as an outfit looks unfinished without the perfect necklace or earrings, a lamp looks unfinished without a really CHIC  finial to top things off. Since these crowning jewels are often overlooked by the design world—you may hav... READ MORE >